Dancing with members of Parkinson’s UK Oxford Group at The Botley Women’s Institute (Oxford)

After many months of preparation and planning for my Tango journey to raise funds for Parkinson’s UK, literally two nights before the first milonga ( a Tango Social dance) my worst fear was confirmed . I discovered a ginormous swelling on my left leg.  Each time I tried to put any weight on my foot I felt this sharp pain which resembled walking on needles.  How could this possibly happen?  Never before had I suffered such an injury, not even as a young lad. So I put ice on the area in the desperate hope that the swelling would go away by the morning, but alas the next day there it was still starring back at me angrily. Luckily, my GP understood the situation and very kindly agreed to see me promptly. On examining the offensive lump, he explained that I had Tendonitis. It appears that I had rather callously managed to get an infection in my tendon (next to my shin), which required treatment and pain management, and rest !!  Me, rest ? How was this going to be possible ? In less than 24 hours I was about to dance at my first milonga, which I had proudly announced to the entire world (including the press), who would be attending to support the cause, and all I could do was limp and he wants me to rest ?


After saying my goodbyes to all the lovely friends whom I’ve known at Tango Aurora Group for the past few years, my dear friend Richard took me for a  drink  at The Fishes pub in North Hinksey, so that we could ‘chew on our nuts together ‘ , as he would put it in true Frankie Howard style.

Given the great turnout, including from friends and my darling mother and a number of members of the Parkinson’s UK branch, by the end of the evening, we managed to raise just under £200 at the event, which gives us a grand total of £1372 (excluding gift aid), which is fantastic.

A huge ‘Thank you ‘ to Leroy Tango Cat and The Tango Aurora Oxford group and everyone who organised or attended the event on Saturday , including members of the Parkinson’s UK Oxford Branch. Without your support and your donations this would not have been possible. I will miss you all very much.

Hasta luego Muchachos !


Next Stop : London, where I’m particularly excited to be attending The Tanguito ‘Winter Ball’ (hosted by Nati & Bruno) on the 6th of December 2015 , especially as we will be dancing to music performed live by  London Tango Orchestra. If anyone fancies joining me,  here are the details of how to get tickets: Tanguito.co.uk – winterball


Milonga no. 1 – Tango Aurora Oxford.

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