Hola Argentina !

Its incredibly difficult to believe that its been 2 months since I started ‘Tangoing to Argentina in 80 days’ for Parkinson’s UK. Having covered approximately 9026 miles across 6 countries using various modes of transportation including cars, boats, trains and planes, the day before yesterday (27-1-2016),  I finally landed at Buenos Aires airport at approximately 9.09 a.m and stepped onto the continent of South America for the very first time on an incredibly beautiful, warm, sunny morning, where the temperature was a mere 20 degrees Celsius but felt a lot warmer !

I arrived two weeks earlier than anticipated because the cargo ship I had hoped to catch last week said ‘no’, and my best efforts to secure a passage on a boat from Spain/ North Africa proved unsuccessful for a combination of reasons such as restricted availability, time of year for sailings, increased cost, and mismatched schedules. The closest available ship was at double the cost and would have arrived 2 days too late. So I finally decided to let go of my desire to cross the Atlantic ocean by boat and completed the last leg of my journey by jumping on a plane instead.

So far I’ve had a fantastic welcome from everyone from the loveliest immigration officer, to the Taxi driver , to the staff and guests at Casa de Gerard (in the district of Almagro), where I’m currently staying , which by the way just happens to have its own little Tango dance floor ??!! – THANK YOU very very much to my dear friend, Maria van Heemstra, for the recommendation  !!

DSCN1025 (2)
Le Patio (Casa Gerard, Buenos Aires) A great place to meet people and discuss Tango

For some reason I get this feeling that this is just the beginning and the best is yet to come. Once I’ve given my poor back a few days to recover from the injuries sustained during a horse riding accident, improperly lugging heavy suitcases around as well as sitting for long periods while driving and flying, not to mention a life time of stress, I promise the Tango will continue until the 14/2/2016, which is when my 80 days officially ends. So watch this space ladies & gents, because this is where the Tango really begins 😉

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