Farewell England. Bonjour Paris !

Since the age of 16, when I took my first 'youth hostelling' holiday, I've visited Paris many times, with friends, lovers as well as colleagues. This is the city where I had my first summer romance with Mathilde, a French girl who I met one night while working in a pub in London, but that's a whole different story. This is also the city where my friend Richard and I famously celebrated his 50th birthday together on Valentine's day, without his lovely wife Pauline, as they both constantly like to remind me at every given opportunity, especially when he gets a warm fuzzy feeling of the night we spent at Concorde La Fayette in the Sky bar on the 50th floor, which overlooks Paris. The Paris where I enjoyed summer festivals and listened to great jazz bands wasn't the same Paris I found on this visit. Something had changed. Mathias commented that the city seemed a lot quieter . It almost seemed like the City and its residents were in mourning following the attack on 13/11 when many innocent people were sadly killed or injured. Everybody I seemed to meet knew someone who was affected by the incidents that took place on that dreadful night.