It recently occurred to me that with all this traveling I’ve been doing, I’ve had to say good bye to so many places and wonderful people, whether people I’ve met on my journey or the lovely friends and relatives I left behind at home. Each time I leave, I never know if or when I will ever see someone again or return to the same place, as my future is still a great big mystery to me. Alas one person that I never got the chance to say farewell to was Shiribai Bandali, my Dadima (paternal grandmother in Kutchi), who sadly passed away unexpectedly after catching pneumonia while I was in Argentina.

Buenos Aires -The whistling city (Part 1)

As I've wandered around the streets in the Barrio (or the neighborhood) what struck me immediately was what a musical city it is generally. I've noticed quite a number of people who just whistle away tunes loudly as they walk down the street, and sometimes even sing at the top of their voices like opera singers, and no matter what time of day or night, I often hear music of all genres from people's houses right down the street. Perhaps Almagro, where I'm staying just happens to be a musical area

The Beginning: Tangoing to Argentina in 80 days

Sometimes its difficult to tell when a journey truly begins, whether its at the point of conception or the moment of action....having watched the sun rise this morning I feel Inspired by the words of the famous author Paulo Coelho, who states “When a person really desires something, all the universe conspires to help that person to realize his dream.” (The Alchemist)